Startups should absolutely work with governments to support defense projects

Maelle Gavet Contributor MaĆ«lle Gavet is the CEO of Techstars and previously served as a senior executive at numerous major technology companies around the world. In these times of heightened tensions and global volatility, I believe start-ups can play a critical role in our defense, aerospace and national security ecosystem by bringing cutting-edge innovations to … Read more

Solving problems is better than scaremongering

Wwelcome to the MinRegion Exchange, a weekly newsletter for startups and markets. It is inspired by the daily MinRegion+ column from which it takes its name. Do you want it in your inbox every Saturday? Register here. From cybersecurity to SaaS for restaurants, the key to running a successful business is selling a product that … Read more

AI scares the hell out of me

Welcome to Startups Weekly. Sign up here to receive it in your inbox every Saturday morning. Something very scary is happening. It’s an internet-driven horror story that unfolds before us in three intertwining acts: (1) AI technology is improving fast enough that I had a bit of an existential crisis recently, wondering if I was … Read more

MinRegion+ Overview: South Korea Investor Survey, 1-Hour Board Meetings, Venture Leasing Fundamentals

After sales software startup TigerEye closed its Series A and established a board of directors, the co-founders informed them: One thing we never want to do is the three-hour, too-in-the-weed, non-strategic board meeting. “Every board deck I’ve made and seen is over 80 pages long,” said Tracy Young, co-founder and CEO of TigerEye. “I am … Read more

AI may be the least of edtech’s concerns

Shares of edtech company Chegg have still not recovered from their plunge earlier this month. As you may recall, the stock fell off a cliff after the company reported its Q1 results. While Chegg beat analysts’ expectations for the first quarter of the year, it also raised a warning that didn’t fall on deaf ears: … Read more

The daylight sunset and the focus year of Meta

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the startup business, where we unravel the numbers and nuances behind the headlines. Mary Ann And Alex were a dynamic duo this week, dealing with a blizzard of tech news, startup updates, and questions that linger over hundreds of billions of dollars in venture capital investments. … Read more

Info Edge, reeling from Rahul Yadav’s starting loss, now writes Bijnis off

Info Edge, the largest shareholder of Bizcrum Infotech, Bijnis’ holding company, has written off its entire investment in the Indian startup, citing “principles of conservatism and prudence” in the latest drastic market correction in the burgeoning South Asian ecosystem struggling with the weakening global economy. The listed Indian investor had invested about $9.3 million in … Read more