Simpplr raises $70 million for its AI-powered intranet platform

Several years ago, entrepreneur Dhiraj Sharma’s first company, a software consultancy, was hired by an HR technology company to develop an app to improve the employee onboarding experience. Rather than create a one-off, ad-hoc solution, Sharma ran a platform, Simpplr, which later grew into its own company. Today, Simpplr sells what is essentially an internal … Read more

Ann Lai says she was fired from Bullpen Capital after helping raise $145 million fund

Ann Lai, a general partner at Bullpen Capital, has been fired from the firm, she says. The investor described the termination experience as “discriminatory and retaliatory” in a LinkedIn post published Monday. Lai helped raise Bullpen Capital’s most recent fund, a $145 million investment vehicle, the first investment vehicle in which she was named an … Read more

Regulators shut down First Republic Bank, named JPMorgan as the buyer of $330 billion in assets and deposits, FDIC on the hook for $13 billion

First Republic Bank (FRB), which teetered on the brink of collapse in the weeks following the Silicon Valley Bank crisis, has finally collapsed, but with a relatively quick fix for the next chapter: Today, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) ) announced that it was being shut down by the California Department of Financial Protection … Read more

Meet Visa, Mayfield, DuploCloud and more at Disrupt

MinRegion disrupts 2023 will take place September 19–21 in San Francisco and — if you don’t already know — it’s the big tent of the startup world. It attracts founders, investors, CEOs, tech professionals, scientists, policy makers, researchers and entrepreneurs. Here you will find inspiration, gain knowledge, forge new relationships and discover tools to build … Read more

The familiar struggles of the cultured meat industry will take time to sort out, and maybe that’s okay

The Wall Street Journal went under the hood of the lab-grown meat industry, also known as cultured or cell-grown meat, and the struggles within it. The Journal specifically took a look at what’s going on at UPSIDE Foods, which received a blessing from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding its process of making farm-raised … Read more