Digital identities are perhaps the best way to prove who you are online

But more work needs to be done before they can be universally implemented

One of the biggest drivers for digital identity is being able to verify who you are and that what you say is real amid the extreme (and somewhat terrifying) growth of artificial intelligence technology. While there is a lot of hype around owning your own digital identity, a lot of growth is needed to expand the industry and keep people safe.

Just this week, a song featuring the voices of Drake and The Weeknd garnered more than 250,000 Spotify streams and 10 million views on TikTok. But the musicians were not even involved in the process. The song was generated by an artist named Ghostwriter who used AI to generate the artists’ voices. (Both Spotify and Apple have since pulled the song from their services.)

“As more and more of these AI deepfakes come out, it’s getting harder and harder to know if they were [them] or not,” said Sandy Carter, COO and head of business development at Unstoppable Domains. “There are methods we can [use to] validate that you are human and a person, and [digital identities] could help as the need grows as more AI technology comes out.”

Unstoppable Domains is one of the largest web3 domain providers in the world and is integrated with over 800 platforms, including Coinbase, OpenSea, and Rainbow Wallet. It has about 1,000 partners and last year the platform raised $65 million in a Series A at a valuation of $1 billion.

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