AI scares the hell out of me

Welcome to Startups Weekly. Sign up here to receive it in your inbox every Saturday morning. Something very scary is happening. It’s an internet-driven horror story that unfolds before us in three intertwining acts: (1) AI technology is improving fast enough that I had a bit of an existential crisis recently, wondering if I was … Read more

Activation of Microsoft Windows XP is cracked for offline use

Incredibly, the activation algorithm for Windows XP has finally been completely cracked, allowing full offline activation, according to The register (through Ars Technica). A blog post on tinyapps covered a Reddit post discussing it, but the program that makes it possible has apparently been around for at least several months, possibly floating in the ether … Read more

How to watch Nvidia’s Computex 2023 keynote

Computex, one of the biggest trade shows of the year for laptops and PCs, starts in a few days. A number of companies will be making big announcements, but the most anticipated event of the week is Nvidia’s keynote opening the show on Monday morning. The keynote speaker is Nvidia’s founder and CEO Jensen Huang, … Read more

Bluesky rolls out feeds with custom algorithms

One of Bluesky’s potentially biggest features is here: custom algorithms, or what it calls “custom feeds”. The idea is that you can subscribe to feeds with algorithms tuned to show different kinds of posts than what you might see in Bluesky’s main “What’s Hot” feed. In practice, the custom feeds work much like Twitter lists. … Read more

The Witcher is getting a fifth season on Netflix

While fans wait for season 3 of The witcherNetflix has already set its sights on season 5. In an interview with deadlineSophie Holland, the show’s casting director, explained, “We’re about to start filming for season four with Liam Hemsworth and there’s going to be a little hiatus and then we’ll go straight into season five.”