The Porsche Taycan is the second car to use Apple Maps’ EV Routing

Apple is offering Porsche Taycan owners more options for planning trips around EV charging locations. As announced on the Porsche website, Taycan models in the US can now use Apple Maps EV Routing, a feature within Apple CarPlay that allows drivers to plan routes using charging stations and adjust directions based on the vehicle’s remaining battery life .

Apple Maps EV Routing provides directions based on real-time traffic information, monitors the vehicle’s charge level and identifies suitable charging stations during a trip. When the Taycan’s battery becomes too low, the service will direct drivers to the nearest compatible charging station and provide estimated charging times.

The Taycon joins the Ford Mustang Mach-E as the second car to use Apple Maps’ EV Routing feature

The Porsche Taycan is only the second car to use Apple Maps’ EV routing since the feature was announced in 2020. At the time, Apple said it was working with Ford and BMW to integrate EV routing into their vehicles. Three years later, it still hasn’t made it to BMW models, with the Ford Mustang Mach-E being the only other vehicle to support the feature.

Prior to this update, Taycan owners had to close ‌CarPlay‌ to create a route with charging stops via Apple Maps. Taycan models already feature Porsche’s own charging planner, which can similarly direct drivers to charging locations based on the vehicle’s expected battery life. Porsche claims that the Apple Maps EV Routing feature is not intended to replace this, but to give its customers more options for route planning.

“We have listened to our customers and they value flexibility,” said Steffen Haug, Managing Director, Porsche Digital in the company’s press release. “This integration with a product they are already familiar with gives them more options and confidence in how they use their Taycan, both in everyday activities and on longer car journeys.”

Apple Maps EV Routing is supported on all Taycan models, but Porsche notes that 2021 or older models require a free software update to be installed at a Porsche service workshop to make this possible. Otherwise, Taycan owners only need to connect the My Porsche App to Apple Maps on an iPhone with at least iOS 16.4.

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