Will big tech take a step further in a more conservative venture capital market?

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This is our Show on Wednesday, where we usually focus on one person, but today we talk to two people! – think about their work and unpack the rest. This week, Alex spoke with Hans Yang, GM of Microsoft for Startups, and Tom Davis, senior director of Microsoft for Startups, about how the tech giant is working to integrate more deeply into the startup world and all things AI.

Microsoft’s startup-focused team recently created MinRegion for its new Pegasus program, which offers a range of benefits to accepted startups. That work is in addition to Microsoft’s efforts to provide capital to emerging startups through its venture arm.

As traditional venture capital shrinks in a more conservative market and founders find themselves cutting costs and looking for ways to increase revenue, working with a tech giant like Microsoft can be appealing. Note: startup-focused work is common among big tech companies: Google has a startup program, as does Amazon.

Basically, if you are a big cloud player, it’s just a good thing to get into the good graces of the following technology breakthrough stories.

Finally, Microsoft is close with OpenAI, which puts its work on the cloud in a different context than it did a year ago.

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